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Május 19, 2021



ASBISc Enterprises Plc, a leading distributor of IT and CEE products in the emerging markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, yesterday opened a second iOn showroom store in Kiev, which is also the 18th Apple showroom store operated by the Group. iOn is the only chain of stores in Ukraine with Apple Premium Reseller (APR) status.

ASBIS is now the official distributor of Apple products in 11 countries of the former Soviet Union. By the end of 2021, ASBIS is planning to open two more Apple showrooms. 

The new Apple store is 146 m2 and is located in the central atrium of the Retroville shopping centre in Kiev. It will sell all actual products and novelties officially available in Ukraine. The Apple Authorised service centre (Apple Authorised Service Provider) will also be operating in the showroom. The opening of iOn met with great interest of the inhabitants of Kiev, who visited the salon in large numbers. 

Siarhei Kostevitch, CEO and Chairman of ASBIS commented: “Cooperation with Apple is developing very well. One of the aspects of this cooperation is the opening of the brand's stores, which serve as exhibition spaces for the company's latest solutions. The stores are designed as premium showrooms, i.e. places more prestigious than sales ones, each of the Apple stores offers a unique experience for the enthusiasts of technology. These stores are build based on the prestige of Apple, which also strongly support our sales of the products, which we are the official distributor on 11 markets.” 

Nikolay Trotsenko, General Manager of iOn Apple Premium Resellerin Ukraine commented: “We are very pleased with the opening of the second iOn store in Kiev. This time, there will also be a service center here, so we can fix any hardware problems on site. Over the past year, over 15,000 customers visited our first showroom in the Lavina shopping center, which proves the growing interest in new Apple products. We also see that there is a growing interest by consumers for new products which will be available at our newly opened store.”

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