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December 06, 2021



ASBISc Enterprises Plc, a leading Value-Added Distributor, developer and supplier of IT and IoT products, solutions and services in the growing markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa, launches a new brand of smart home appliances – AENO.

These will be products from the small household appliances segment, designed in the "smart home" idea, the task of which will be to improve our quality of life and the convenience of everyday life. These products combine ease of use, functionality and modern design. 

Serhei Kostevitch, CEO of ASBISc Enterprises Plc., commented: “Innovation is in our DNA. We are a company that constantly introduces new innovative products. Having seen the growing demand for devices that facilitate our everyday life and improve its convenience, we decided to strengthen our brand portfolio with a new brand of smart home appliances - AENO. Thus, we are opening ourselves to winning the market in this sector. We have many years of experience in IT distribution and an extremely strong position in our markets, which is why we will use channels that we already know very well to sell AENO products. This is one of the success factors that we have under control. 

AENO’s mission is to make smart technologies more accessible, taking on an everyday routine and lessening the burden of housework. That enables a more fulfilling life, freeing time for family and friends, self-development, and creativity. Thanks to smart home appliances AENO, the customer will spend less time on household chores and more time on things that really like. 

AENO is a smart home appliance with the most requested and innovative smart features. The products are designed and manufactured in China using advanced technology in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The AENO brand's product portfolio includes a wide range of categories in key usage areas:

  • creating a healthy microclimate (air purifiers, humidifiers);
  • cleaning, home and clothing care (robot vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners, steam mops, garment steamers);
  • cooking (kettles, electric grills, blenders, electric ovens, Sous-Vide, vacuum sealers);
  • personal hygiene, wellbeing (electric toothbrushes and irrigators). 

Key AENO brand values:

  • Innovation in every product. In product development, the best available technologies are selected in all categories.
  • Ease of user experience and features most requested by consumers. All devices are intuitive to use.
  • Eco-friendliness in choosing materials for packaging without the use of plastic.
  • Reliability is a fundamental value. The brand provides a 2-year warranty for its products.
  • Honesty in the price, because the consumer should not overpay for the brand name. 

Nataliya Grishina, Chief Marketing Officer of Asbis Brands in ASBISc Enterprises Plc.,commended: “The idea behind the AENO brand is to increase the availability of intelligent devices that will make our home a zone of relaxation, self-development and pleasure. When intelligent devices take care of a healthy space filled with cleanliness and fresh air and help in the preparation of delicious and healthy food, we can take care of family, friends, our passions or leisure. We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality products that combine ease of use, functionality and design.” 

The first product categories will be launched in December 2021. The full-scale product range will be released in Q1-Q2 2022.

About AENO 

AENO is a young dynamic brand of smart household appliances, created and manufactured in China in modern production. AENO’s mission is to make smart technologies more accessible, taking on an everyday routine and lessening the burden of housework. 

The product family includes: air purifiers, humidifiers, robot vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners, steam mops, garment steamers, kettles, electric grills, blenders, electric ovens, Sous-Vide, vacuum sealers, electric toothbrushes and irrigators, etc. 

The product portfolio will be systematically supplemented with new categories searched for by clients.  

For news and more information visit: www.aeno.com 

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